How to be a Superhero – Part 1: Liberating the Superhero within You

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Do you spend your day in a cubicle, a call center, moving boxes, or running around trying to herd children? Do you feel that there is nothing beyond the day to day monotony of working to put food on the table and keeping a roof over your head? For those of us not free of our corporate overlords, we spend our days confined working in an environment that is not of our own choosing.

Imagine how Clark Kent must have felt sitting at his desk all day knowing that Superman was only a shirt pull away from being released. Think of how liberating it was when a calamity struck and he was able to break free from his suit and become his true self.

Do you feel like Clark Kent? Do you yearn to be free of your suit and be able to soar in the clouds with ease?

At times, we all feel that we want to be free, but how to we accomplish becoming what we know that we can be?

Step 1: Accepting that You Are Not Your Title

Do you hate when people define you by what it says on your business card or pay stub?

When you go home at night, do you really feel a deep connection with the label of Lawyer, Doctor, or Fry Cook?

If you do feel a deep connection with your title, that is OK. It means that you have found a career that will allow you to be a superhero.

For others that don’t feel a connection with their title, realize that you don’t have to accept your title when you are not in that role. When you go home at night, on lunch breaks, or when you are away from your employer, you do not have to continue to identify yourself with a title you don’t want to be.

You have permission to reject your title and embrace your super power. So if you do not want to be your title, then accept that you are not your title and begin to develop your super powers.

Step 2: Finding Your Super Power

What do you wish your super power could be?

Do you want to fly? Do you want great strength? Do you just want to be able to read people’s minds? While we will not all be able to fly or read people’s minds, we do have a super power in a skill that we might already possess.

Do you think you have a super power?

If you don’t, here is the exercise that I use to help people I coach find their undiscovered powers.

How do people ask you to help them?

  • Are people asking for your help to fix their computer?
  • Do people ask for your help to move?
  • What about someone asking you to watch their kids, cook dinner, create a logo, or Paper Mache their house?

When someone asks for you help, it is a sign that you have a skill that others do not possess in abundance. When you are more skilled in something, you have a super power that others don’t possess.

What is your super power?

Step 3: Create an Alter Ego

Now that you have figured out your super powers, you need to create an alter ego that will be the aspect of you that shows off those super powers. Your alter ego is really you performing your super powers, but it is distilled down to the aspect of your personality that you want to show off to the world.

For example, some alter egos I have interacted with are:

Your alter ego is you.

Don’t think I am telling you to be someone else. Inside the shy Clark Kent was a confident Superman, but that confidence was only shown when the time was right. In the same way, your alter ego is a part of you, but it might be somewhat separate from your day to day life.

You might be a very edgy and somewhat dirty minded writer, but you are not going to deliver an edgy and dirty reading of your kid’s bedtime stories. Instead, you save your alter ego for the times that it will do the most good for the world in a way that is specific to you.

What is great about an alter ego is that it allows you to develop a very specific image in the minds of people you are helping. How can you not remember someone in a bright blue outfit and red cape that swoops down to rescue you in your time of need?

What alter ego can you develop that helps you be memorable, and fits your super power?

Step 4: Establishing Your Lair

Superman has the Fortress of Solitude and Batman has the Batcave, so you need a lair that you can call your home as well. At home, you will want to create a place that you can do your good deeds from. Make some space on a desk, in the corner, or some other place where you feel comfortable showing your alter ego and helping people with your super powers.

Once you have a physical lair, you might want to consider setting up an online lair. You can set up a website or blog. To do this, find a webhost (I use dreamhost), install word press, and start creating your online lair in your image. You can even keep it simpler than a webpage and set up a fan page on Facebook.

Whatever form your lair takes, make sure that it is suitable for your super powers and matches the personality of your alter ego. It might take some time to get your lair built, but remember that Superman had many different lairs over the years, so you can start small and develop your lair as your reputation grows around the world.

Next Steps to Becoming a Superhero

Now that you have embraced your super powers, created an alter ego, and started constructing a lair, you might be wondering how you can use your powers to help people. In the coming posts, we will look at how you can become more aware of who needs your help, how to further develop your superpowers, how to help people when they ask, and why you would want to join forces with other superheroes in order to do more good in the world.

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