How to be a Superhero – Part 5: Joining Forces with Other Superheroes

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This is the fifth part of a five part series on “How to be a Superhero.”  If you missed part one, two, three, or four then make sure to check them out.

The last post was about taking action. Why there are many ways that you can take action in becoming a superhero, the most effective way is joining forces with other superheroes.

Why Do You Want to Work with Other Superheroes?

Many new superheroes often wonder, “Why would I want to work with other superheroes? I don’t want to share the glory with someone else. Why do you think I became a superhero in the first place? I did it for the recognition and not to play second fiddle to someone else.”

When you take the plunge and start to develop your superpowers you often say or think statements similar to the one above and it is a very valid statement. One of the reasons I started writing and speaking was because I wanted to be recognized for my work. In a corporate job, we are not often recognized for our contributions and developing our superpowers is a way to get the recognition that makes us feel like we are achieving something greater than ourselves.

Why would we give that up and work with other people?

There are quite a few reasons:

1. Increased Reach

As you develop your superhero status, you will start to attract fans. Your fans are people you have helped, or people that like what you are doing and want to watch to see what you will do next.

When you work with other heroes, you have a chance to reach out to other superhero’s fans and help them in ways that the superhero you are working with cannot. This expands your reach into groups you might not have had access to alone.

2. Ability to Use the Superpowers of Others

Maybe you are a graphic designer for web sites, but you want to offer blog set ups as well. You could join forces with someone more technical that can handle that component while you focus on the design.

You could be a financial planner, but need someone to handle legal matters. When you join forces, you can offer your customers a greater service from someone that has already helped them conquer evil forces.

3. Connections to Other Superheroes

What I enjoy most about joining forces with others is the opportunity to meet other superheroes through the superheroes that I partner with. I cannot spend every moment of my day working with new organizations, so joining forces gives me the opportunity to meet people through other networks without having to be a full member of that community.

4.  Someone to Lean on When Things Aren’t Going Well

No matter how many times you say, “The World is out to do me good,” some days it feels like everything is aligned against you.

Being a superhero is hard. You have the demands of helping people, there are evil doers out to destroy you, and you might have to balance the demands of your alter ego. Some days it might feel like everything is going to come crashing down around your shoulders.

That is why it is good to have other superheroes to talk to when things are going rough. Someone to be there when you get beat down and pick you up. Working with other superheroes can lift you back up and remind you of how important it is to do what you are doing.

They help you move forward when everyone else is pushing you back.

Meeting Other Superheroes

Living as an alter ego, we might not get the opportunity to meet other superheroes that we can work with. You might be in a place where you can’t display your super powers, but there are places you can look meet others on the same quest as yourself.

This includes:


There are many professional associations that you can become a member of to help you meet other super heroes. Many of these associations have local, national, and international meetings that allow you to get together with others in your industry to network, share ideas, and develop your super powers.

Service Organizations

It is always good to give back as a superhero. Joining an organization such as Rotary, Lions, or Kiwanis gives you an opportunity to work with others for the common good of society. You will also make connections with people that have complementary superpowers to you and demonstrate your commitment to helping others.

Networking Groups

A search of or your local paper can lead to many opportunities for networking events in your local area. These are great venues for seeing what other superheroes are doing, giving, and receiving referrals from other superheroes.


Toastmasters International is a 200,000+ member strong organization devoted to helping people become better public speakers and leaders. I personally have been a member for 4.5 years and have met an amazing number of superheroes that are constantly working on developing their superpowers.

Online Gatherings

I am a member of three online groups that have helped me grow different aspects of my superpowers. These groups are typically lead by an individual or team of superheroes that have developed a community devoted to helping you grow your superpowers.

Working with other Superheroes is Inspiring

The greatest benefit I have found from working with others is the inspiration I get from my fellow superheroes. When I see someone doing great work, it inspires me to work on my superpowers, help more people, and start to live the life that I am inspired to live.

Are there people out there that will try to take advantage of you? Yes, but you cannot let that stop you from going out there and meeting the best people possible. Getting out there and working with others, you will find that you will be able to find the right people and work together to do something great.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there and start doing what you were born to do and become the superhero the world needs you to be.

I hope you enjoyed this series and I would love it if you left me your ideas, comments, and feedback on how we can all become better superheroes.

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